⏱️Steps to Install Custom AI Bot

Step 1

Purchase 5 SOL Decoder NFTs at https://magiceden.io/marketplace/soldecoder

How to Install a Phantom Wallet and Purchase $SOLANA

Install a Phantom wallet https://phantom.app/download

Create a New Wallet

Create a Password for Phantom

Store your Secret Recovery Phase in a safe place, since you can only recover your wallet via the secret phase

And you are Completely Set!

Depositing Funds on Phantom Wallet

The following steps involve Funding the Phantom Wallet.

  • To begin using Solana and participating in DeFi, Phantom will need SOL tokens to pay transaction fees.

  • You can fund your Phantom wallet by Withdrawing SOL from a CEX

Multiple CEX Platforms to buy SOL from:

You can also Purchase SOL Decoders using a Credit Card

Step 2

Join https://discord.com/invite/sol-decoder

How to Install and Join a server on Discord

Step 3

Verify your assets in https://matrica.io/ and get the 5 NFT Role

Connect your Wallet with Matrica
  • Once you connect your Wallet, Make sure to Link Discord in the settings page.

  • Click on Authorize and wait for a few minutes for Matrica to grant you the roles.

Step 4

Once you are verified, open up a new browser and go to https://apps.soldecoder.app/dao

Create your own Server
  • Go back to Discord and Click on the "+" Sign

  • Then click "Create my Own"

Step 5

Invite the bot to your server and make sure to give it the necessary permissions

How to invite Decoder Bot to your server

Once you click on "Click here to add the Discord Bot to your server" You will be greeted by this page

Choose your respective server and proceed to hit "Continue"

Click on "Authorize" for the bot to join your server

  • Go back to the above website and select your project and click on "Manage"

  • Then Click on "Configure AI Custom ChatBots"

Make sure you have the "5 NFT" Role on Discord to see a page like above

Step 6

Select "Create new Chatbot"

Step 7

Paste your Data which you want your Chatbot to Remember

Step 8

After pasting in your Bot Name and Custom Data, Hit "Create ChatBot" and voilà, Your Custom Chatbot is ready

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