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Looking to boost your Discord and its community engagement with Discord bots powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI? Our bots offer a wide range of utility to help both users and community managers. Hold a conversation with our ChatGPT bot and do much, much more.

Try it for free today! https://apps.soldecoder.app/bots

After the bot is invited to your server, tag it to talk to it, and run /ai_setup to continue

Aside from our conversational chat bot, we also offer:

  • Customize the Bot 's name & PFP to your brand, plus give it its own personality

  • A party game built right into Discord, powered by ChatGPT

  • Ability to Direct Message the bot for a private conversation

  • Bots that can deliver new messages automatically, ie. when a member with a certain role joins your Discord, or once a day chat topic recommendations

  • Over 120 personalities / prompts to respond to you as, ranging from fun to business

  • We've fully integrated Discord, Twitter, and OpenAI, allowing the AI to generate tweets by right-clicking any Discord message, then another click to open it on Twitter to post. Also reply to any message with a variety of tones with a few clicks

  • SOON: Text to image / audio / video, plus AutoGPT capabilities

By default we use the ChatGPT / GPT 3.5 model. You may enter in your API key that has GPT4 access to use that.

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