Utilities our Discord Bot provides (and will provide)

The following are available, all of which are powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT:

Invite the bot today to chat with it for FREE (15 chats per day per user). Type /ai_setup in your Discord and enter in your OpenAI key to increase the daily uses for free (or set it up on https://apps.soldecoder.app/dao). Type /ai_features to learn more about the below as well.
You may also try out other PREMIUM utility such as /prompts and "right click -> Apps" for limited uses. Upgrade to PREMIUM by purchasing our NFTs - open a ticket on our Discord to learn more.
  • (FREE!) Engage in a live conversation with the bot, with conversation history
  • (PREMIUM) A customer service bot trained on your data from Discord or website or PDF uploads etc... Users can converse with the bot to get fine tuned answers on your data set, and chat with it over Discord or your website (via a chat plugin)
  • (PREMIUM) Customize the name of your Bot, and its avatar! Great for branding purposes
  • (PREMIUM) Reply by default to everyone in certain personas (such as being sarcastic)
  • (PREMIUM) Play our Discord social game, Quiplash! Quiplash is a comedic "fill-in-the-blank" game where players answer humorous prompts with their most creative, outrageous, or silly responses. Other players vote on the best answers. So, you're not just playing to win, but to make everyone else laugh! Read more here
  • (PREMIUM) Select from over 120 personalities for the bot to respond to you as, to quickly kick start the conversation or fine tune the help you want to receive
    • Trying to grow your business / project? Have one of your marketers try out the "Act as an Advertiser" and get a professional marketing campaign created quickly
    • Program things in a fraction of the time with the "Act as an AI Programming Assistant"
    • Applying for a job? Have it "Act as a Position Interviewer" and practice today
    • Traveling somewhere soon? Try out the "Act as a Travel Guide" and get the best travel tips
    • Health first! Try out the "Act as a Personal Trainer" to get fit, and eat better meals with the "Personal Chef" prompt
    • Want tips on your relationship? Get the bot's help with "Act as a Relationship Coach"
    • Want to have fun & go on an adventure? Try out the "Act as a Text Based Adventure Game"
  • (PREMIUM) /prompts_list : Choose a category and then choose what you would like the bot to act as while specifically talking with you. Type /prompts to then search & use that prompt
  • (PREMIUM) If a new member gets a select role in your Discord the bot will display a special welcome message to them.
Create different types of welcome messages, including ones that are designed to make it seem like the bot is a drunk!
  • (PREMIUM) Integration between Discord, Twitter, and OpenAI, on every single message:
Right click on any message to bring up new "Apps" that we've devloped, described below
"Reply to message" will provide three different message suggestions for you to reply with. Change the tone with a single click
You can take any message or announcement and generate three example tweets using the bot. Once you have reviewed the tweets, you can click a button to post the desired tweet to your Twitter account.
Reword announcements or any messages in different tones
  • (PREMIUM) Greet users who create new tickets, and share a new fact that ChatGPT comes up with
  • (PREMIUM) Automatically generate fresh conversation topics once a day

And coming in the future:

  • Full integration across Telegram bots and Slack bots
  • ChatGPT bots connecting to the internet, and using ChatGPT plugins
  • Create stunning images from your text with our image generation tool. Users love the Midjourney bot (which creates images), and soon you can enjoy similar functionality
  • Turn any text into realistic audio with our text-to-audio generation feature