⚒️Creating An OpenAI Account

Utilize the bot for free and talk with it for a limited time each day (15 messages a day). To further chat with it, your Discord will require its own OpenAI account (cheap & increases chat usage).

  • Each time the bot is talked to, it will be billed to that account.

  • OpenAI provides a $5 or $18 trial and chat usage typically costs less than HALF A CENT per day, subject to usage levels. In the future we'll be able to more easily charge you for chat usage, without you needing to create an OpenAI account

Step 1

Step 2

  • Click "Log in" or "Create an account"

Step 3

  • Once you are logged in, click "Personal" on the top right of your screen, there will be a drop down, click on "API Keys" (or just click here)

Step 4

  • After getting redirected to the "API keys" Page, Create a new Secret key

Step 5

  • Copy the key, to be used later

Step 6

  • To use this API key along with all our other premium features, click here

  • To use this API key and only chat with the bot for free, click here

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