📪Discord Bot Setup (Premium)

Use this if you are setting up the premium features. Otherwise go to the next page

Step 1

  • Go to https://apps.soldecoder.app/dao and click the link at the top to invite the bot to your server

  • Once invited, on the same page under your server name, Click "Manage"

  • You will see "DecoderAI" package - go ahead and enable it

  • Paste the API key and submit it

Step 2 - Live Bot Chat

  • Set a channel for your users to chat with the bot in, possibly a completely new channel (more details on the site)

  • Make sure the SOL Decoder Bot has permissions to view and send messages in the Live Channel you set

The rest of the features are PREMIUM features. You will need to purchase our NFTs, and get the "5 NFT" role within our Discord. Submit a ticket in our Discord to learn more.

P.S - If you have the 5 NFT role and are can't enable a package, make sure to log out of the site and log back in (link on the bottom left)

Step 3

  • Welcome new users (or private members of your Discord) with unique welcoming messages, and customize the message to different themes (ie. a Scottish person welcomes them)

Step 4

  • We have an "Apps Submenu" Which lets you choose things like, "Reply to a message", "Generate 3 Tweets", and "Fix Typos" etc. Select one or more roles that can use this Submenu

Step 5

  • You can have the bot send a new conversation topic to one of your channels, every 24 hours

Step 6

  • The bot can welcome users in tickets, with a unique fact each time

Next up:

Read about whats coming out in the future!

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