Future utility

And coming in the future:

  • Get live data from the internet, and other features that the new ChatGPT plugins offer
  • Create stunning images from your text with our image generation tool. Users love the Midjourney bot (which creates images), and soon you can enjoy similar functionality
  • Turn any text into realistic audio with our text-to-audio generation feature
  • Seamlessly integrate your Twitter account with our website and let our AI generate replies (that you can pick from), to your DMs, mentions, comment replies, and follower's tweets. Our customizable AI can help you be the ultimate reply guy, or streamline your sales pipeline
  • A customer service bot trained on your data from Discord or website or PDF uploads etc... Users can converse with the bot to get fine tuned answers on your data set

Note the other utilities that SOL Decoder already provides:

At SOL Decoder, we are committed to creating Discord bots and website utilities that are essential tools for both NFT communities and web 2 companies.
Our ultimate goal is to expand our services to tens of thousands of users, and beyond, generating steady revenue for the company. By introducing SaaS costs for thousands of users, we plan to achieve this growth.
We also encourage you to explore our other bots, such as Engage-2-Earn and alpha bots.