Discord Bot Setup (Free)

Use this if setting up the bot with the free features. The previous page talks of how to setup the premium features

Step 1

  • Go to https://apps.soldecoder.app/bots to invite the bot to your server
  • Once it is invited, add the bot to your chat channel you want to speak to it in. Give it view and send messages permission
  • By default each person will get 15 free messages per day (more if they are a SOL Decoder holder). Follow the below steps if you want your users to get more messages per day

Step 2

  • In your Discord, run /ai_setup

Step 3

  • To unlock more messages per day, you'll need to enter an OpenAI key and pay for each message the bot replies to. On average a Discord sending 100s of messages a day costs < 2 cents per day
  • Get your OpenAI key from - https://platform.openai.com
  • More directions for this are in Creating An OpenAI Account

Step 4

  • Press Continue And Paste your OpenAI Key
  • Copy the announcement and paste it to your users to teach them about the tool

Step 5

  • Click the "Configure Live Chat Channel" and follow those directions
Note these are only the free features you've enabled. Read through Discord Bot Setup (Premium) to see the premium features (listed below):
  • have it welcome new NFT holders with unique messages
  • have it welcome people in tickets with a new fun fact each time
  • right click any message to generate three tweets or recommend replies
  • use over 120 prompts to kickstart the conversation
  • customize them bot to have your own branded PFP and name
  • reply by default to everyone in certain personas (such as being funny and witty)
  • many other things in the future, can read more on the next page