What does ChatGPT offer?

  • Quick response times
  • Answer questions on just about anything. It remembers the history of the conversation, so you can have an evolving & intricate conversation
  • Communities can engage with each other by asking it silly questions or having it write memes
  • High-level skill in assisting with code generation and debugging (in any coding language), and explaining complicated pieces of code
  • Adaptable personalities, which include the capacity to:
    • Engage in friendly conversation in one instance
    • Act as a coding instructor in another instance
    • Provide business or marketing guidance in a different context
    • Assist with coding projects, offer creative inspiration for drawings, optimize blog content for conversions and SEO, and much more.
  • Do your homework and translate phrases for you into any language
  • Write songs / poems / stories, in the style of famous musicians / authors
  • Gives you ideas on different topics (what to do for a birthday party, what types of foods to eat based on criteria, etc…)
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