How to effectively use ChatGPT & our Discord bots

When used effectively, ChatGPT can boost many areas of life. See descriptions / examples below. With any of the below, you can ask it to rewrite parts of it, add certain things, or expand upon other areas. Treat it as an employee or super-powered robot helper!
Business - use it to expand your business / help with marketing
  • Help generate new tweets for you. Soon our "text-to-image" bot will help you generate the perfect image for your tweet as well. The marketing team can see the tweets in one dashboard and discuss it all in one place.
  • Create a marketing strategy for your project
  • We have plenty of built in prompts to help your business
  • If you’re looking to build a social media following, consistency is very important.
  • Create effective landing pages for your business / product. Use it for announcements to your community as well (which can soon be converted to audio with our "text-to-audio" bot)
Also with any of the above, you can have it write in your writing style / tone with the following prompt:
[Insert your previously written text]
Analyze the above writing style and write about building a
business as the above author would write.
Business - use it to program code
With all of the below, multiple developers can see areas in which someone is getting help in, and lend their hand if needed. And you can make sure devs are actively using ChatGPT - which leads to a huge increase in productivity and code creation.
  • Generate a base framework for any kind of website / app
  • Adding improvements like a fancier button can be completed by simply asking for it. And new features such as a timestamp was a single prompt away
  • Ask it to fix bugs, and it'll pinpoint where the bug is and how to fix it
  • Translate code from one language to another
  • Write comments for any piece of code
Community building - use it for fun and memes
  • Everyone can have a laugh with the jokes it makes
  • You just may be roasted during a conversation with it!
  • Customize it with its own PFP & personality - and it'll be the ultimate sarcasm bot!
  • Want to have fun & go on an adventure? Try out the "Act as a Text Based Adventure Game". See how other members act on their adventure
  • See who can come up with some of the funniest jokes!
Personal - get help with life
You can also Direct Message our bot to get all the private help you need in life!
  • Applying for a job? Have it "Act as a Position Interviewer" and practice today
  • You can also have a conversation with it to make sure your resume is perfect!
  • Traveling somewhere soon? Try out the "Act as a Travel Guide" and get the best travel tips
  • Health first! Eat better meals with the "Personal Chef" prompt