Why would a Discord want this?

The advantages are:

  • Increase engagement in your Discord, with users coming to it to use the chatbot to get help, and engaging with each other using the chatbot

  • Have it welcome new users that have specific roles, making them feel more welcome

  • Collaborate with other developers, or other marketers on text the bot generates within Discord

  • Continue utilizing Discord to communicate with the chat bot (not having to open a website and log in)

  • Users don't need to have their own paid accounts for this; the Discord server pays for it

  • Using the chatbot and interacting with the it is simple enjoyable (ie. someone writing a funny story with the chatbot, and others reading and laughing at it)

  • In the near future, mods and customer service agents can be heavily assissted / replaced when the bot is trained on your data, and can answer questions / give help to users using your data

3M+ Discord servers have AI experiences for users to enjoy and collaborate on projects

The chatbot may immediately respond to community questions via Discord.

Discord is great for AI-based communities and startups

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